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Who is Matt D'Aquino
How can Matt help me?
Why should Judo Players even do weights?
What is so good about Strength Training for Judo?
Attributes Judo Players need to train
What age and ability level is Strength Training for Judo catered for?
I am new to strength training, are the workouts easy to follow?
Do the workouts mainly use machines, bodyweight exercises, dumbbells or barbells?
How long does each weights session go for?
Can I do my own warm up and cool down, or follow the ones in Strength Training for Judo?
What Program should I begin with?
Should I do strength training every day of the week?
When is the best time to work out, morning or afternoon?
How do I breathe when lifting?
What sort of training splits do you prescribe, full body or body part splits?
Is Strength Training for Judo a hard copy?
What are those bonus ebooks all about?
If I need any assistance who can I email?
What format does the eBook come in? Can I use it on my Iphone?
Is it good to keep a journal?
What about supplements, should I take them?
Do you offer a money back guarantee?