Benefits of Strength Training

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When people think of strength training they usually think of huge bodybuilders but in actual fact there are many other benefits for strength training besides getting big muscles.

Increase strength

Within the first 3 weeks of starting a gym program you will find that your strength will increase rather quickly and soon plateau. This is a normal response to starting an exercise program. Increase strength will definitely help your Judo game due to the fact that Judo is such a physical sport.

Increased flexibility

Many individuals find that when they start a gym program they become more flexible. This is due to two things. The first is that performing exercises properly will improve your muscles full range of movement. The other reason why flexibility improves is because after every strength session I encourage you to stretch for roughly 10-20 minutes. This is more than most people do in a week. As mentioned previously flexibility is vital for evading techniques as well as fulfilling a greater sweeping action with throws such as Uchimata and Osoto Gari.

Increased speed, power and endurance

By completing a gym program - depending on its aim you can begin to develop speed, power and endurance. Judo is an art that needs a variety of physical attributes. By doing a gym program you can build the attributes you may need in order to become a more complete Judoka.

Bone strength

Participating in a gym program will assist in strengthening your bones. The bones in the human body use the shock and exercise you do, to grow stronger. When a bone is weakened from various types of exercise it produces small molecules called Osteo-blasts. These Osteo-blasts travel to where the bone is weak and strengthens it. This is good news for athletes in a contact sport because bones such as your ribcage are used to protect vital organs such as your heart and lungs.

Injury prevention and joint stability

Due to the fact that weight training strengthens your muscles and tendons this is good news for your joints. Having strong and stables muscles is a great way to avoid injury and perform Judo to the best of your ability.

Improved co-ordination and balance

While completing exercise you must be in tune with your body. You must simultaneously know where you feet are as well as what your hands are doing. During strength training you will be using your brain to co-ordinate movement of various aspects of your body. This in turn will improve your balance as you will become more familiar with your body.

Improved posture

People who spend all their time in front of a computer tend to have stronger chest and shoulder muscles and rather weak muscles in the upper back. This muscular imbalance results in certain individuals having a slightly bent over posture. In order to improve posture we must have a balanced body. Performing a gym program will assist in improving your posture by strengthening the muscles that need strengthening and loosening the muscles that need loosening. This will greatly assist in injury prevention as well as give you a nice upright posture.

Make you feel better

After a few weeks of strength training you will feel better. You will not only feel stronger, but you will have more energy than prior to training.

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