Frequently asked questions

Should I do strength training every day of the week?

This question is difficult to answer due to the fact that everyone has different training schedules, ability levels and lifestyles. Some of you will be able to get to Judo 4-5 days a week while others can only manage once or twice a week.

All of the gym programs in Strength Training for Judo I have catered around a weekly schedule of Judo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This leaves Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for Strength and Conditioning.

Completing a strength program as well as attending regular Judo sessions can be a tough task to achieve without proper time management. At the end of this manual I have included a few strength programs you may choose from. These programs are written for the general Judoka that trains 3 days per week.

For those Judokas who are training three to six times a week I highly recommend talking to your Sensei to create a weekly schedule that will get you in the best physical condition.

Remember to leave one day free to give your body time to rest and recover. If you feel like you must do something active, I recommend some extremely light aerobic exercise, basic gymnastics, static uchikomi, or Ne Waza drills followed by static stretching.

Listen to your body and be in tune with how you are feeling. If you are feeling a bit off and rundown then skip a session until you are feeling better.

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