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How can Matt help me?

If you have ever searched anything about Judo on the internet you are bound to come across Matt's world famous website. s one of the worlds best Judo websites that contains the best videos, photos and self published articles dedicated to improving your Judo. Matt also has blog and YouTube channel (With over 200+ videos and 800,000 views).

Matt has helped literally thousands of people simply become better Judo players through his technical advice in both fitness and conditioning as well as his Judo expertise.

Matt has helped people not only learn how to perform proper Judo technique, but also how to train properly and effectively for Judo. Using the knowledge he has gained through being on the internatonal Judo scene he has put together a strength training regime that will dramatically improve your performance on the mat.

Having a strength program for Judo is something all Judoka's must have if they are looking at improving their technique, strength, throwing power or agility on the mat. Strength Training for Judo will help you achieve your Judo goals. <

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