Frequently asked questions

What is so good about Strength Training for Judo?

It is very important that as Judo players we complete a strength program catered to the sport/art of Judo. So many Judo players believe that as long as you do a general strength program or a powerlifting strength program and concentrate on your Judo technique you Judo will improve.

Do marathon runners complete a bodybuilding program? or does a gymnast complete a program catered for sprinting or gymnastics?

As a 2008 Olympian and current international competitor I am telling you that "The only way to improve is complete a Judo specific strength program". Anything else is a waste of your time.

Strength Training for Judo contains exercises, movements and strength programs that will not only maximise your power and strength in the gym but also increase the strength and endurance of your entire Judo game!

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