Frequently asked questions

Can I do my own warm up and cool down, or follow the ones in Strength Training for Judo?

Included in Strength Training for Judo are 5 Warm up circuits that are pefect to get you ready for your workout. I have also included cool downs and static stretches to help you cool down. You can either follow these as guidelines or you can by all means do your own warm ups and cool downs. Just make sure your warm up:

• Increases your heart rate

• Increases your core temperature

• Increases your breath rate

• Increases your blood flow resulting in increase in oxygen transfer

• Increases your range of movement

• Warm up muscles (through increase in blood flow)

• Mentally prepares you to exercise

If you are going to do your own cool downs make sure you:

• Hold each stretch for 15-40 seconds.

• Do not bounce or jerk.

• Do not hold your breath, remember to breathe and relax.

• Remember to stretch your whole body.

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