Frequently asked questions

What program should I begin with??

Strength training for Judo contains gym programs catering for all ability and experience levels. If you have never done strength training before I encourage you to start with the beginner gym program and work up to the advanced programs. Each program is designed to be completed in 6-8 week blocks before advancing to the next program.

For example you will complete:

• Beginner program 1 for 6-8 weeks

• 1 week off

• Beginner Program 2 for 6-8 weeks

• 1 week off

• Beginner Program 3 for 6-8 weeks

• 1 week off

• Upgrade to the Intermediate Program 1 for 6-8 weeks

Note: experienced trainers can also start at the beginner program or fast track their way to the more advanced programs.

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