Frequently asked questions

Who is Matt D'Aquino?

Matt is 26 years old and is passionate about all forms of grappling. He has been studying Judo for 20 years and has represented Australia at 8 Continental Championships, 4 World Championships and competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Matt has also competed in multiple World Cups, Grand Slams and Grand Prixs all over the world. He has trained in some of the hardest dojos in the world, including Yong Inn University in Korea, Tokai University in Japan, INCEP in France, Pollymunka in the Czech Republic and Sankaku Club in Slovenia.

Matts best results include being the first and only Australian Male to win the Pac Rim Championships in 2009, Multiple Australian & Oceania champion, World Cup Champion and 17th at the 2010 World Championships in Tokyo.

Matt is a bit of an all-round grappler. He also competes in Freestyle Wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu competitions in and around Australia. His best results include: 1st No-Gi Purple-belt Submission Grappling National championship -67kg, 1st Royler Gracie Cup Purple belt 2009 -74kg and 2nd at the National Freestyle Wrestling Championships in the -60kg division.

Matt's Philosophy:

Matt is passionate about teaching and passing on his knowledge and experience to others. His philosophy is simply "If I haven't done it, I won't teach it." This is a crucial element to Matts teaching. It means that everything he teaches, he is familiar with and has a deep understanding of how to complete each exercise, workout or grappling technique.

The reason why Matt has been so successful in his Judo career is due to the fact that he has significantly better fitness and conditioning than his opponents. Matt puts this down to the physically demanding workouts he put himself through week in, week out. Matt trains using a variety of bodyweight exercises as well as barbells, kettlebells, tyres, rowers, dumbbells, ropes, bands and medicine balls in order to be as physically prepared for each competition that he enters. "

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