Frequently asked questions

Why should Judo players even do weights?

We have already discovered that Judo players of all ability levels need:

  • Awesome upper body strength and power
  • Lower body stability, strength and power
  • Massive hip power and drive
  • Maximum strength
  • Full-body speed, agility and explosiveness
  • Grip strength
  • Foot and hand speed
  • Insane balance and co-ordination
  • Strong rotational core strength
  • Mental toughness

If you grew up in Japan you would have no problem winning all of your Judo matches using purely technique. This is due to the fact that all throughout high school and college your thousands of young Judoka in Japan are training anywhere from 2-5 hours of Judo, 6 days a week.

This is why it is so understandable that the Japanese are (and always have been) a powerhouse in international Judo. These young Judo players are completing thousands and thousands of Uchikomi week in, week out all throughout high school and college. In contrast Judo players like us struggle to get 20-30 people on the mat two or three times a week to have a good few rounds of Randori.

Obviously the more mat time you have the stronger your upper body will become, the stornger your grip will become and you will soon develop amazing power that you can do on the mat. But if you cannot get enough mat time or partners on the mate the next best thing is to hit the weights room. By following a Judo specific gym program you will be able to focuss all of your energy on becoming stronger, more flexiable and agile and then when you go to Judo practice you only need to worry about your Judo technqiue opposed to your strength, speed, flexibility etc.

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